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Kartelo claims to be the first Croatian educational institution offering formal education in its entirety via the Internet!

Within the formal education institutions Kartelo offers eight subjects.

All the training takes place at a distance, only the final exam takes place in front of the professor. On the Internet, the student needs to connect only when sending e-mail the teacher, participate in forums or looking for additional content on the Internet, or publish their sites.

Read more: http://www.e92.hr

Further details

(automatically translated from http://www.e92.hr/index.aspx?PID=1)

  • 1990: Established firm E-92. The mission of the company is "With knowledge in Europe 1992.". Hence the name E-92. Since education is the main business of the company, known by the name of school E-92. Within education, E-92 holds courses of informatics and foreign languages. The E-92 publishing publishes books in computer science, by filling cartel.
  • 1995: School E-92 starts Dopisno education. Thus, all who understand Croatian language, no matter where you are, the distance to attend formal and informal educational programs in the School of E-92.
  • 1996: School E-92 gets its first web site. ICT raises the correspondence education to a higher technological level.
  • 1999: In School E-92 began to develop their own LMS.
  • 2001: Under the new Regulations on Secondary Adult Education, School of E-92 Kartelo establish an institution for education in the field of computer science and foreign languages. Development of LMS continues.
  • 2006: Kartelo institution declares 2006th year of his age e-learning. Active is the third redesign of the web site www.e92.hr .
  • 2007: Year 2007. years of social networks. Kartelo institutions introduced in the education infrastructure of Web 2.0 technology. Our students at a distance, but the system LMS_Kartelo, now have all of our help in creating a personal learning environment (PLE = Personal Learning Environment).
  • 2008: Year 2008. the age of interactive video in a book published by the School E-92. There were the first 20 hours of instruction in the virtual classroom "face to face at a distance".
  • 2009: The renaissance of distance learning through broadband Internet access and technology development of virtual classes. The overwhelming demand for our profession. The largest employer becomes your own home. Start of development of virtual technology park "Park", a social Web site in which our students propose projects and join together in teams to develop these projects. The first large project, e-commerce, has launched Danijela Tonković. Since the summer of Ivica Kartelo opens his Twitter account up to April * 2011 he gained 524 "followers" and wrote a 9000 + "twitsa". Students receive free hosting for the duration of schooling.
  • 2010: March, put into operation Henox.hr , the first major project in the park . In April we Collective brings 57 students. We continue with a great discount up to 80%. End of the year we meet with 111 students enrolled that year, of which 5 were from abroad. Launched the project Mrmra.org and ZgrabiWeb.com.hr . Our LMS base number exceeds 1000 students! Participated in the Comenius EduMedia Berlin for the third time and the Japan Prize for the second time.
  • 2011: We continue with a great discount up to 80%. The reason: our contribution to employment and encourage people to learn online. Start development of LMS applications for "smart" phones. Increasingly, our students starts their own business. Compete in the Comenius EduMedia Berlin for the fourth time and the Japan Prize for the third time (we just learned that all activities related to JapanPrize canceled because of the disaster that struck Japan). We begin to learn and operate prototypes of models which combine hardware and HTTP (the virtual and the real world, managing over the Web, measurement, analysis, GPS, maps, etc.). Price processors is still 14 years ago, dropped to one dollar. Price of the Internet is now low and thus conditions are created that only individuals with knowledge, with no initial capital, can start work-based processors and the Internet.

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