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KERIS (Korea Education & Research Information Service, Korean: 한국교육학술정보원, Hanja: 韓國教育學術情報院) is a governmental organization under the South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology that develops, proposes, and advises on current and future government policies and initiatives regarding education in South Korea.

Its current focus is on the development of ICT in educational systems in Korea and abroad and works closely with international organizations such as the World Bank and UNESCO to assist other nations in developing or improving their own ICT infrastructure and implementation.

In addition to policy, KERIS provides educators and the public with educational services such as:

  • the National Education Information Service(NEIS) -,
  • the Research Information Service System(RISS) -,
  • the National Education Service System(EDUNET) -, and
  • Korea Open CourseWare(KOCW) -

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