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K12 Inc. (K¹²) is a US-based private education company that offers online curriculum and educational services for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. It is the the largest online learning provider serving K-12 online schools in the US, offering online public high schools in over half of the states in the US.

Both K-8 (kindergarten through eighth grade) and high school programmes are available.

K12 Inc. virtual schools are typically state-funded schools that use K12's programme and curriculum to offer distance education. The schools are considered virtual public schools.

K12 became a publicly traded company in December 2007.

The company "K12" (un-hyphenated) should not be confused with the general US term "K-12" (with a hyphen). The latter is the North American designation for primary and secondary education, i.e. "kindergarten through grade 12".

See this map to explore K12 Inc. schools in the US.

See this list to review a list of K12 Inc.'s "Regional Enrollment Centers".

The K12 Inc. web site is at http://www.k12.com/