James Kay

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James Kay
Forename James
Surname Kay
Type Staff
Country United Kingdom
WPs WP2 Cross-sector analysis and comparison"Cross-sectoranalysisandcomparison" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property., WP4 The role of National and International Policies and strategy"TheroleofNationalandInternationalPoliciesandstrategy" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
URL http://www.sero.co.uk

James Kay is currently a student studying philosophy at the University of Warwick. From summer 2011 he has worked part-time for Sero Consulting. His tasks included (for VISCED) and include (for POERUP):

  • VISCED: bibliometric checking of country reports
  • VISCED: continuing and expanding the work of Graham Clarke and Nick Jeans on country reports for Anglophone Africa
  • POERUP: comprehensive set of short entries for countries not covered by specific experts

His POERUP contributions are at Special:Contributions/James_Kay

His VISCED contributions are at http://virtualcampuses.eu/index.php?title=Special%3AContributions&tagFilter=&contribs=user&target=James+Kay&namespace=&year=&month=-1

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