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The Ivy Tech Community College (Ivy Tech) supports online, hybrid, and IP Video courses at the community college level in the US (as well as traditional face-to-face education options).

Its current strategic goals are to:

  1. Increase the Educational Attainment of Indiana's Residents
  2. Provide Workforce Education and Economic Development for Indiana's Communities
  3. Provide Support Systems and Development Opportunities that Assure Student Success
  4. Serve as Indiana's Provider of Choice for Personal and Professional Enrichment
  5. Support Community Development through Civic Engagement and Community Service
  6. Complete the Transformation of Ivy Tech to a Nationally Recognized Comprehensive Community College System
  7. Build Institutional Capacity to Support Our Mission

According to a 2009 article in the Indiana Post Tribune, Ivy Tech Community College campuses across the state of Indiana saw an all-time high of students enrolling in online courses in 2009. 8,652 students registered for autumn classes, compared to 5,972 in 2008 (a 45% increase).

This reflects a general trend for the system, with total headcount is up 28.6% since autumn 2008.

Ivy Tech Community College is the US's largest state-wide community college with single accreditation. It is the state of Indiana's largest public post-secondary institution, serving more than 130,000 students a year total.

Ivy Tech has 23 campuses across the state of Indiana, US.

The Ivy Tech web site is at http://www.ivytech.edu/

The distance learning web site is at http://www.ivytech.edu/distance/

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