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International Christian University (ICU) is a "liberal arts college" (university for elite education in the US English sense) in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan, having approximately 2,500 enrollments. It is recognized for its providing solid and sustainable undergraduate education to grow internationally-minded alums, with its special emphasis on interdisciplinarity of science and humanities, since its establishment in 1949. It is also known for its multilingual education, which demands acquisition of English, Japanese, and one more foreign language to foster a balanced perspective in the world.

The International Christian University can be found on

ICU Library has been recognized for its sophisticated library system with advanced technology, the top in total university library ranking (Asahi Shimubun University Ranking) for decades.

As of 2012, ICU has seen its 60th anniversary and has grown into a university that is competitive in liberal arts with Keio University and Waseda University in University Ranking 2012 in Japan (Keio 1st, ICU 2nd, Waseda 3rd for the total ranking of three most major ranking data in Japan (, selecting students by its own unique standards, without compromising to the standard entrance examination in the country. ICU has been constantly sending many graduates to UN-related institutions, Graduate School of University of Tokyo and the world top ranking universities, without loosing its initial mission of contributing to the peace and welfare of the world.