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The Institute for postgraduate training (Instituto de formación de postgrado, IUP) is a project of different Spanish universities: Autonomous of Barcelona, Alicante and Carlos III of Madrid, jointly with the publishing company Santillana Formación. The main idea of this joint venture was to separate distance learning from the university, creating a new organization. At the beginning it was called Instituto Universitario de formación de postgrado but they changed the name. This joint venture is to deliver postgraduate courses and degrees through e-learning.

The IUP’s main headquarters are in Spain, but they also have headquarters in Portugal, El Salvador, Mexico, and Argentina among other countries in Latin America; in total 12 countries. In this project are enrolled more than 7,000 students from 47 countries.

They offer 11 programmes mainly based on the business field, but also ICT related to education and journalism. They offer a programme for companies, tailoring solutions for organizations to cover their needs for management development and generating value. Each company has their own programme developed from IUP; with this the companies have a specialized treatment.

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