Instituto Nacional de Educação a Distância

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Instituto Nacional de Educação a Distância (INED) is a private school based in São Paulo offering courses targeting the education of young and adult individuals – a population described as EJA (Educação de Jovens e Adultos – Education of the Young and Adults).

It also offers technical courses, preparing for the job market (equivalent to college – in Brazil described as Educação Tecnológica) - these courses can be attended by individuals of all age groups that qualify for technical secondary education (ensino médio técnico).

The technical courses at INED are licensed by the Brazilian Ministry of Education to be offered at a distance, in the blended learning mode as the Brazilian law requires (with face-to-face assessments). The courses at INED are offered mostly using virtual technologies (email, discussion forums) and the students also receive printed course materials.

Its web site is

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