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The Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) is the extension arm of the University of Guyana.

It is one of the major adult education institutions in Guyana, established in 1976. Originally, it was the Department of Extra Mural Studies, a unit of the Faculty of Education. In December 1983, the Academic Board approved the upgrading and expansion of the Department into the Institute of Adult and Continuing Education, University of Guyana.

In November 1992, the Institute of Adult and Continuing Education launched the first Distance Education Programme offered by the University of Guyana - the Pre-University English Course.

The Institute is primarily a centre for study and research in Adult Education and provides professional training for teachers of adults and persons who administer or organise adult education programmes. There are also an advisory service and library facilities for adults educators. From 1987, the Institute began offering a Diploma Programme in Occupational health and Safety, with intramural accreditation. In 1992 the Distance Education Programme was launched and in general IDCE assists other institutions and organisations in conducting Distance Education programmes.

The IDCE has the mandate of providing learning opportunities for the adult learners domiciled in the various communities across the length and breadth of Guyana. It offers ODL programmes like a two year programme on Administrative Professional Secretaries Diploma, Business Communication for staff of Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Fire and Life Insurance Company, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Information and Library Technician Training Programme etc. As of now IDCE did not have some full Graduate programmes leading to a Degree, we are trying to do it now. The courses currently being done are few weeks courses targeted to develop a certain skill among the participants. For example, in collaboration with Varqua Foundation, the IDCE undertook a "On the Wings of Words" program which enabled young Guyanese to improve their levels of literacy. This collaborative approach which started over twelve years ago has resulted in over six hundred young people being exposed to the rudiments of reading andf other aspects of literacy education. The Institute has also been collaborating with Public and Private sector for effective community economic development, some of them are: The Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Library Association, the Guyana Association of Administrative Professionals, the Rotary Club of Georgetown, the Commonwealth Youth Programme and the Guyana Forum for Lifelong Learning etc.

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