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ILS Fernstudium is the largest correspondence school in Germany. It was founded in 1977.

It offers over 200 state-approved distance learning courses, more than 700 tutors, and supports some 80,000 participants a year, the ILS.

The ILS was also appointed to the Foreign Office, German children abroad via distance learning to serve under the supervision of the Central Agency for Schools Abroad.

Large companies such as German Bank, Lufthansa and German Rail use the distance learning courses.

State approval and certified quality standards

All ILS Distance learning can be checked and approved in the state. The ILS is also certified as the first distance learning institute in Germany conforming to ISO 29990, the new international quality standard for the education and training industry.

In addition to developing market-driven and customer-oriented educational opportunities available in the new ISO-standard services in the learning center. In particular, the needs and requirements of the learner into account.

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