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Hong Kong is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China, the other being Macau. It is situated on China's south coast and, enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea,[8] it is known for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour. With a land mass of 1,104 km2 (426 sq mi) and a population of 7,061,200, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Hong Kong's population is 95 percent ethnic Chinese and 5 percent from other groups. It has no capital.

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For further general information see Wikipedia:Hong Kong.

Education in Hong Kong

For a general description of education in Hong Kong see Education:Hong Kong.


For a description more focussed to e-learning see E-learning:Hong Kong.

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Internet in Hong Kong

Internet in Education

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Copyright law in Education

OER Initiatives in Hong Kong

National OER initiatives

Regional OER initiatives

Institutional OER initiatives

OER Asia produced a Power Point (1) giving a status report on OER in Hong Kong. Three main sources of OER were identified.

1. The government's Education Bureau. It offers open content for primary and secondary schools, mainly through resource banks, DIY interactive activities, and a resources depository. These together provide free learning and teaching resources, including resources on IT in education, resources for teaching Kindergarten groups, a scheme involving native-speaking English teachers, information on good educational practices, links to other useful sites, quizzes and tests.

2. The portals of educational institutions, particularly tertiary. Institutions have developed many open resources, free to the public. These institutions include: Independent Learning Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong; English Language Centre, City University of Hong Kong; Virtual Language Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Telenex, which provides resources for teachers' use; The Self Learning College, a virtual college providing free materials.

3. The Open University of Hong Kong's Free Courseware website (http://freecourseware.ouhk.edu.hk/fc/php/index_e.php?id=7dc6447179ddd0d9ba38a4b919d43b43&sid=0&lang=e) and external platform in iTunesU. This covers a large number of topics, and includes text, audio, visual and assessments.


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