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The Holos web site states:

Holos Virtual School was the first school to specialize in "Natural Therapies courses at a distance".

Born of the need to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge for all those who for one reason or another are unable to attend classroom courses while maintaining the quality of learning, which is just the highlight of our school.

Current technology allows us to be present in the most remote places in a matter of seconds, without even leaving the house and make available to many people the knowledge to which its staff dedicate themselves and still am involved.

Holos Virtual School makes a significant contribution in training of high capacity in various areas of Holistic Therapy.

Its mission is to enable the student not only to be a diagnostic system but rather a deepening in several therapeutic systems. Only then can it promote health and help minimize the pain and suffering of humanity.

It is for this reason that this site is dedicated to make available to students "Distance Learning Courses" with unquestionable quality and responsibility of professionals of the highest standard.

All courses are accompanied by evaluation and give the right to obtain a certificate.

The Holos Virtual School web site is at http://holosvirtualschool.com/site2010/

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