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Logo of Hibernia College

Hibernia College is an international provider of online programmes at undergraduate and graduate level. It is based in Dublin, Ireland and accredited by the Irish Government's qualifications awarding body for third-level educational and training institutions outside the (public) university sector, HETAC, (the Higher Education and Training Awards Council).

Hibernia College provides all of its courses with a substantial online component, using state of the art technology for both synchronous and asynchronous course delivery. Hibernia College offers a blended learning format that combines the many advantages of interactive, multimedia-rich online content with the proven qualities of face-to-face tuition through periodic on-site sessions. The college has designed, developed and implemented a system, which it claims is "at the leading edge of international educational delivery". This technology infrastructure allows for increased student-tutor contact and encourages and supports self-directed learning in a way that is not possible using conventional modes of delivery.

Its web site is at http://www.hiberniacollege.net

Programmes include:

Case Study

For further details see Hibernia College - case study.

References and reports

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