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This page describes what we want to achieve, not what is currently achieved in all cases.

It is not a full description.

Note that, unlike in the VISCED/Re.ViCa wiki, redirection is not used in this wiki to any great extent. It is just too great a burden to implement for each new wiki.

Naming of countries

  1. The normal short name in English of a country is taken to be the name of the country page on the wiki. See for example Sweden, South Korea, Netherlands, etc.
  2. The most common variants of that short name are redirected to the country page. See for example Korea, United States of America, The Netherlands, Holland.
  3. The official full name of the country is not usually redirected to the country page.
  4. The name(s) of the country (both short and official) in any of the official languages of the country are not redirected to the country page, including names in variant Latin and non-Latin scripts. Se
  5. The same approach is used for supraregions such as Middle East, etc - and for regions within countries (i.e. home nations, provinces, states, Lander etc - such as Flanders).

Naming of abbreviations

Standard abbreviations for organisations, like AOU for Arab Open University, redirect to the "official" full university name (usually as listed in the copyright/legal section on the institution web site).

In POERUP there is not a list of 2-character standard abbreviations for countries which redirect to the appropriate countries.

POERUP continues the tradition begun in the beginning (2007) that abbreviations are globally unique including across the family of wikis that we run - in other words that an abbreviation redirects to just one entity on this wiki.

What if two entities share the same abbreviation?

See also Help:Collating sequence