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In VISCED and Re.ViCa there were several complex issues to do with the collating sequence or sort order of names in categories. These caused many problems for less experienced editors. In POERUP we have tried to make this easier, helped by the different characteristics of the material.


These are all specified already - see Countries. In the rare case when a new country appears, such as South Sudan recently, the Coordinator will provide a new entry.

Regions of countries

Few of these are entered yet into POERUP. In general terms follow the situation on the VISCED/Re.ViCa virtual campus wiki


These should be entered under the commonly used name of the iniatitive. See Category:Significant OER Initiatives for the current examples.


It may occasionally be necessary to enter names of institutions

Universities often have the name "University" first in their title - such as "University of Sheffield", but should be placed in Categories as if their name was "Sheffield University". There is a standard mechanism for that. Check on the VISCED/Re.ViCa virtual campus wiki

There are some exceptions to this where the University part is taken as an integral component of the whole name - such as "University of the Air" or "University College London".


Normally these do not generate any special problems


Schools and school-like entities were in VISCED collated under the lower case letter beginning their name when they are included in categories which mix schools and post-secondary institutions. POERUP editors should not need to enter school names.


These can pose complex problems with names and collating sequence. In general terms follow the name the ministry calls itself in English, otherwise use the name used on Wikipedia or the VISCED/Re.ViCa virtual campus wiki

If in doubt check on the VISCED/Re.ViCa virtual campus wiki

If still in doubt, contact an experienced wiki editor for advice.

Further information

Contact an experienced wiki editor for advice.

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