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Dr Harvey Blustain is President of Act IV Consulting, Inc. His career has included positions in academia, international development, market research, corporate consulting, and entrepreneurial start-ups.

For the past eleven years Harvey has focused on higher education as President of Act IV Consulting and, prior to that, as a Director in the Coopers & Lybrand/ PricewaterhouseCoopers National Higher Education Consulting Practice.

Harvey has consulted extensively with numerous corporations in the areas of strategic human resources, competency-based professional development, sales strategy, and globalization. His clients have been in a range of industries, including information technology, telecommunications, healthcare and insurance, manufacturing, financial services, agriculture, and government. Past clients include Xerox, General Electric, EDS, AT&T, the US Agency for International Development, and the Government of Jamaica. His international experience spans work in western and eastern Europe, South Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa and the Middle East.

Harvey also enjoyed a brief foray into the dot-com world. On leaving PwC, he joined HotDispatch, an online marketplace for technical expertise, as Vice President for Sales and Marketing, with responsibility for competitive analysis, marketing strategy, and partnerships.

He has over three dozen professional publications, and his articles have appeared in the NACUBO Business Officer, EduCause Cause/Effect, and AGB Trusteeship. He has spoken to a variety of higher education audiences, including NACUBO, EACUBO, CACUBO, CAUSE, and the Council of Independent Colleges.

Harvey received his BA from New York University and his MPhil and PhD in cultural anthropology from Yale University. His doctoral work, a study of Hindu-Muslim relations in a Himalayan village, was based on two years in Nepal. A postdoctoral position at Cornell's Center for International Studies included three years of research in Jamaica on natural resource management. He taught at the University of Kentucky.

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