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Globalskolen is a Norwegian online school offering courses to expatriate children. It was established in 1998.

The website states:

Globalskolen provides education in the three subjects included in "Complementary education for children abroad": Norwegian, Social Studies and Religion & Ethics from 1st to 10th grade. Norwegian as a second language is organized in separate classes.
Students who take part in the scheme shall have instruction at a level equivalent minimum 1.5 clock hours per week for half a school year (15 of weeks) or minimum 1.5 clock hours per week in a school year (30 of weeks).

In 2009, approximately 1,000 students in 87 countries were signed up to study Norwegian online.

Further information

Globalskolen has historically been a partner in the Expatica Virtual Classroom alongside Danes Worldwide (Denmark), Edufax (Netherlands) and Deutsche Fernschule (Germany). However, the 'virtual schooling' elements of both Fernschule and Danes Worldwide remain unclear.

Globalskolen was established by AV-senteret, a company owned by four municipalities in western Norway. AV-senteret is the mother organization of Globalskolen and Norsk Nettskole, a provider of online courses for teacher training.

The Globalsokolen web site is at

The list of countries in which Globalskolen operates is large - see

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A rather old report on Globalskolen is at


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