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Gerard Rwagasana is an independent researcher and international consultant.

He works as Director of the ICTEDU Learning Centre, a Centre to allow people handicapped by time, distance or lack of accommodation, to access higher education in foreign universities through elearning and OERs.

He is a highly experienced educator and teacher and visiting lecturer at various public and private Rwandan higher educational institutions.

Before retiring in January 2010 , he taught Physics for more than 30 years in Universities in Rwanda, Congo, Niger and Burundi. He introduced e-learning / blended learning mode of teaching at the National University of Rwanda (NUR) and played the major role in designing and implementation of the Centre for Instructional Technology at NUR. He served as Director of the Centre for Instructional Technology and the African Virtual University’s Learning Centre at the NUR. He has organized many workshops and trainings for university staff in ICT Skills, eLearning pedagogy and tools.

Rwagasana is also a member of the One Laptop Per Child Project’s Steering Committee.

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