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The Florida Distance Learning Consortium (FDLC) is a network of all public (39) and private (27) post-secondary institutions in Florida serving a total of 1.3 million students annually. These institutions range in size from fewer than 2000 to over 100,000 students. The FDLC is funded by the Florida legislature and supports its member institutions in their delivery of e-Learning through support for student and web services, faculty development, statewide licensing, and sharing resources, including a learning object repository - The Orange Grove - and an online catalogue of over 10,000 distance learning courses offered by membership institutions throughout Florida.

The FDLC facilitates cross-institutional communication and spearheads statewide initiatives in Distance Learning. Recognizing the autonomy of Florida’s educational institutions, the Consortium relies on the voluntary participation of its members to coordinate its activities.

Membership in the Consortium is open to all public or private school districts, colleges, universities, and private institutions recognized by Florida's State Board of Education and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Each institution can appoint a member by notifying the Consortium in writing.

There is no charge for membership.

Structure and governance

The Florida Distance Learning Consortium is established to:

  • facilitate collaboration among public postsecondary educational institutions in their use of distance learning,
  • increase student access to associate and baccalaureate courses and degree programmes
  • support institutions in their use of technology,
  • help build partnerships among institutions, businesses, and communities.

Duties of the Consortium are to:

  • Manage and promote the Florida Higher Education Distance Learning Catalog, established pursuant to s. 1004.09, to help increase student access to undergraduate distance learning courses and degree programs and;
  • to assist students seeking accelerated access in order to complete their degrees.

The Board of Governors and the State Board of Education shall:

  • exercise joint oversight of the consortium
  • establish, in consultation with the consortium, the administrative and operational guidelines and processes of the consortium.


These include:

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