Fleur Prinsen

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Fleur Prinsen
Forename Fleur
Surname Prinsen
Type Staff
Country Netherlands
WPs WP1 Management"Management" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property., WP3 The role of Community in OER"TheroleofCommunityinOER" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
URL http://portal.ou.nl/web/fpr/blog/-/blogs

LinkedIn:: Currently I am working on several projects developing Net-Pedagogies for online networked learning and supporting professional community building. I am also leading research projects aimed at improving accessibility of research findings for educational practice and improving the production and use of Open Educational Resources.

Previously I applied Social Network Analysis methods while researching identity formation and developmental processes in online social networks (Social Media). Before that I researched how 'Knowledge Building' practices (supported by an online platform) can improve scientific literacy. This was part of a research project coordinated by the Institute of Knowledge Innovation and Technology. Me and my colleagues at the University of Toronto and NYU in Singapore were exploring ways to improve students understanding of science by getting students to work creatively with knowledge.

As an educational psychologist I am interested in the social and cognitive dynamics of knowledge production (learning). I study how this is mediated (supported) in online and offline environments and what personal and cultural factors make a difference in the outcomes.

My dissertation (2007) explored differences in participation and learning outcomes in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.

Additionally I taught in many subjects. I taught classes on the interaction between society (formation) and global education. I've developed courses on motivation, worked on integrating competency-training, studied learning styles and worked in the field of IT integration in education.