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FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas or Getúlio Vargas Foundation, FGV, GV) supports online learning via its FGV Online effort. Created in 2000, it is an online university program. FGV Online serves undergraduate, graduate and MBA students, executives and entrepreneurs, and corporate universities developing e-learning projects.

FGV is a Brazilian higher education institution founded in December 20, 1944. Its main campus is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

FGV offers regular courses of Economics, Business Administration, Law, Social Sciences and Information technology management. Its original goal was to train people for the country's public- and private-sector management.

The FGV Online Program is committed to disseminating knowledge generated at the various FGV schools and research institutes. The method of FGV Online includes support from video, animations and learning games. Besides conventional media − booklet and CD-ROM −, distance courses rely on ICTs such as satellite broadcast closed-circuit TV, videoconferencing and the Internet, to stimulate interaction between the students and the lecturer-tutor and enabling knowledge reconstruction.

The FGV Online Program offers the following distance learning modes:

- Executive MBA in Project Management (in partnership with the University of California at Irvine);

- Distance Executive MBA in Business Administration (with emphasis on Management, Marketing, Human Resources and the Environment);

- Graduate degree in Business Administration, Private Law and Enterprise (graduate programs based on satellite technology);

- Technical Degree in Remote Managerial Processes (intended mainly for professionals already active in the market);

- Executive Series Courses (set of four short-term courses);

- Free Courses (extension and update courses addressing specific topics);

- Customized Training, medium-term courses intended for the internal public at firms/corporate universities − under the in-company course model.

The FGV web site is at http://www.fgv.br/

The FGV Online web site is at http://www5.fgv.br/fgvonline/default.aspx

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