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Pilot Phase

We built evaluation into the heart of the pilot phase of the e-learning benchmarking exercise. Professor Terry Mayes worked with the Research and Evaluation Directorate of the Higher Education Academy. He was the project's formative evaluator and "critical friend". Professor Mayes first of all captured the perspectives of the different participants taking part in the e-learning benchmarking exercise, i.e. Academy staff, consultants and the institutional stakeholders. An Executive Summary of his Final Report is available.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 evaluation has been restructured as one of the functions of the Evaluation and Dissemination Support Team (EDSuT), described in detail in a blog posting of 8 November 2006.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, evaluation follows the general approach of Phase 1 and is again run by EDSuT.

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Evaluation in eMM

Evaluation is also the name of a category (process area) within eMM. See Evaluation in eMM.

Evaluation in Pick&Mix

Evaluation is the official name of criterion P14 of Pick&Mix 2.0.

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