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ECIU, the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, is a partnership with 10 European members and 3 associate partners (from Mexico, Australia and Russia). It is a consortium of research universities focussed on collaboration in innovative teaching and learning, enhancement of university-society interaction, internationalisation of the student and staff experience, and active engagement in policy development and practice within the evolving European Higher Education Area. Innovation is central to the shared ethos of the member institutions, whether in pedagogic and curriculum development; knowledge and technology exchange; and economic regeneration and links with industry, business and the public sector in their respective regions.

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The mission of ECIU

The ECIU’s mission is:

  • To contribute to the further development of a knowledge-based European economy,with due consideration to the increasingly global nature of the higher education market by inclusion of ECIU overseas members (Associate Partners).
  • To build on existing innovation and enhance quality, in the member institutions, in the areas of: international collaboration; teaching and learning; regional development; technology transfer; and staff and student development.
  • To develop high-quality collaborative educational programmes, by building on research and teaching strengths within individual ECIU member institutions.
  • To act as an ‘agent of change’ by serving as an example of best practice and by influencing debate and policy on the future direction for European higher education within the context of the changing global realities.
  • To take Europe to the World.

Activities of ECIU

For Staff

Both academic and administrative staff members at the ECIU institutions are key elements in the activities of the ECIU. Improved Student and Staff mobility is one of the main priorities of the ECIU as is the ECIU Graduate School.

Consequently the ECIU Board is looking into ways of supporting staff wishing e.g. to go on exchanges at other ECIU institutions and furthermore how simple tools can support increased cooperation between interested staff. The ECIU Graduate School provides a framework for staff that are interested in developing master programmes that use elements of teaching from one of the other ECIU members or who is interested in developing a full masters programme jointly with other ECIU members.

The ECIU has also adopted a Staff and Leadership Development Programme, which aims at increasing the mobility among administrative members of staff.

For students

Student mobility and internationalising the student experience is one of the ECIU's top priorities, and the ECIU welcomes student views on the consortium and its activities. The ECIU has an active Student Wing. Student representatives contribute significantly to the work of the ECIU and their ‘voice’ is seen as key to focusing ECIU activities.

History of ECIU

ECIU is a partnership established in 1997 and registered as a Foundation under Dutch law.

The ECIU Office

The ECIU secretariat is currently located in Dortmund, Germany.



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