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The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) is a tuition-free, fully online public school located in the US state of Ohio. It is the largest charter school in the nation.

The school graduated 2,000 students in June 2011, of 7,708 enrolled at that time. Since its establishment for the 2000-2001 school year, over 6,000 graduates have earned diplomas at ECOT.

Education is provide at the K-12 level; any school-aged student (between five and 21 years at the beginning of the school year) residing in Ohio may enroll. Students are provided with a computer and internet service (and printer/scanner as needed).

Learners are those who do not mesh with a traditional classroom environment, e.g. young parents; those with full-time jobs; victims of bullying; etc. ECOT students "often work one or multiple jobs while working toward their diplomas."

Learning is provided through the IQity e‐Learning Platform.

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow web site is at http://www.ecotohio.org/home.php

More Details

ECOT is sponsored by the Lucas County (Ohio) Educational Service Center (LCESC).

Students may take part in out-of-class field trips.


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