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EDEN - the European Distance and E-learning Network - is the most comprehensive European association in the field of open, flexible, distance and e learning. Its aim is to foster developments in distance and eLearning through the provision of a platform for collaboration between a wide range of institutions, networks and individuals concerned with ODL and e-learning in Europe. This is done by the information and networking activities in the membership, by the organisation of European conferences and publications. The EDEN Membership (in January 2011) consists of 196 institutional members and 1118 individual members representing 375 institutions in the Network of Academics and Professionals, from 59 countries, covering all Europe. For more see http://www.eden-online.org

EDEN's participation in EU programmes is focused on comprehensive strategic projects, in quality development, observatory, networking and knowledge base building, further supporting the implementation through networking, evaluation and dissemination of results. The Association provides its members with monthly newsletters and has a mailing list of circa 12000 addresses for additional occasional circulars. These services will be utilised in POERUP.

EDEN has been organising its Annual Conferences since 1992 - the 2011 conference is in Dublin (http://www.eden-online.org/eden.php?menuId=540). Usually held in the middle of June, these conferences attract 400-500 participants, mainly from academic backgrounds.

Two bi-annual, thematic events are also offered to ODL and e-learning professionals (usually in October with the attendance of 100-200 participants), the so-called Open Classroom Conferences (http://www.eden-online.org/eden.php?menuId=268) and the EDEN Research Workshops (http://www.eden-online.org/eden.php?menuId=90).

The Association has a rich and regularly updated web site, viewed by an average of 300-500 visitors per day.

The EDEN Secretariat also functions as a back-office for the prestigious online EURODL journal (European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning - http://www.eurodl.org) - this can provide unique visibility to selective project-related publications as well.

In view of its wide network coverage (geographically and in terms of types of institutions) and long experience in organising conferences (EDEN conference each summer and EDEN Open Classroom in the autumn of every second year), and the journal, EDEN has been given the responsibility to lead WP 5: Dissemination.