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The eCademy (eCademy Alternative School) is an online school located in the US state of New Mexico. It was formerly known as the Albuquerque Evening High School. Any Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) high school student or charter school student is eligible to register for the classes offered at eCADEMY. The classes are intended to help those students who have not previously passed a class or are behind in credits.

Founded in 2009, eCADEMY teachers taught over 500 students in the summer of 2010. In September 2011 the web site reports over 1,000 students enrolled in the 70 sections of online classes.

Classes are held online, although each class may have select face-to-face attendance requirements at eCADEMY or partner schools, monthly or weekly, depending on the class (e.g. lab science courses). Core courses are available for credit recovery, dropout re-engagement or accelerated graduation.

All eCADEMY courses are $15 and are taught by APS online certified instructors, via Blackboard. Online students have access to a computer and a computer lab at the eCADEMY campus and at partner schools. Currently, the partner schools are Del Norte, Eldorado, Sandia, and Volcano Vista. The labs are facilitated by a certified instructor.

The eCademy web site is at

More Details

eCademy coursework is structured; there is a pacing guide with expectations of assignments completed by certain due dates. Collaboration takes place through discussions and wikis and blogs. Online students are required to attend a mandatory introduction meeting with their teacher at eCADEMY.


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