E.2 Dissemination and exploitation strategy

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POERUP requires very broad dissemination. EDEN, which coordinates this work, is an important network of educational institutions and thus well-placed for this task. Extensive use will also be made of the other partners' contacts and extensive dissemination experience. A dissemination plan will be created at the beginning of the project. There will be a project logo, website and flyer. Dissemination activities will consist of presence at events, discussion sessions, mailing lists, web 2.0 (especially wiki and Twitter), articles and press releases. Channels will include existing networks in which one or more of the partners participate: VISCED, EADTU, EDEN etc. Key events will be EDEN and Online Educa Berlin each year - discussion sessions with different stakeholders will be organized at these events. Partners have also particular responsibilities in more regional networks. Through these kinds of natural relationships POERUP project results will find their way to a broader spectrum of institutions and stakeholders.

Exploiting the POERUP results

As the project gets under way and begins to deliver insights, policymakers and related stakeholders will be invited to take up the approaches and to adapt policies for their particular context. Of course, the uptake of OER requires careful and skilled facilitation, sensitive to the context of the institution (school, university, etc), the micro-politics and the macro-politics.

Sero coordinates this work. It will set up an Exploitation Working Group (EWG). Other partners will make input to the EWG which will establish an all-inclusive exploitation strategy, to prepare and structure the exploitable assets of the research and development in the project. A final exploitation report will form the basis for future research strategies and use of project resources.

The operational part of the exploitation work will consist of three main activities:

  • 3 local workshops (UK, Netherlands, Italy) with National OER Programmes with close links with the project partners.
  • Global discussion: Sero will set up an International Advisory Committee at the kick-off meeting. The members of the IAC will be carefully selected on the basis of their experience. The IAC will be involved at key moments (Online Educa and EDEN) to advise and share their know-how. The specific aim is on the one hand to gain an outsider's perspective on Europe, and on the other hand to gain insight into methods and solutions that have been developed in another context but that may be adaptable to Europe. We shall also invite the IAC members to take up the POERUP results and translate them to their own educational and national contexts, and report on their experiences.
  • Discussion with decision makers, including meetings to be organized at European, national and regional levels with the European Commission, the Council of Ministers of Education and ministries of education in key partner countries.