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Established in July 2003, e-Learnz (The e-Learnz Consortium, the NZ Consortium for e-Learning) was a government-funded, open consortium of all New Zealand post-secondary educational institutions working in e-Learning. Its aim was to become New Zealand's centre of excellence in the development and delivery of e-Learning.

Funding for e-Learnz was awarded by a governmental e-Learning Collaborative Development Fund (eCDF) from 2003-2007. eCDF projects were completed on schedule and the web site is retained, with a note that "e-Learnz members remain committed to the key aims of e-Learnz".

According to its project web site, the programme's key goals were to:

  • Facilitate collaboration amongst providers of e-Learning within New Zealand
  • Share expert resources, advice and staff development in e-Learning
  • Facilitate the creation and marketing of e-Learning products and services in NZ and overseas
  • Facilitate research in the field of e-Learning.

A moodle e-learning portal was among the many resources available to all members.

The e-Learnz web site was once at http://elearnz.org/

More details

e-Learnz membership was open to all public New Zealand tertiary education providers.

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