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The digitale universiteit (Dutch Digital University; DDU; DU in the Netherlands) was born in 2001, as a consortium of ten universities and colleges in the Netherlands. It focuses on the development and application of digital educational products and knowledge for higher education. It was funded by the consortium members and the Dutch ministry of education. SURF and DU were a strategic alliance within the higher education sector in Netherlands.

The mission of DU is to realize qualitative and quantitative economies of scale for educational innovation, supported by information and communication technology. Economies of scale are realized with two strategies: -Through joint projects, that the members can share the costs of developing, maintenance and management, -by means of the programme virtual learning environment.

The Digital University was lifted by 1 January, 2007. During its existence was a wealth of knowledge and expertise, often in projects that employees of the participating institutions exported. The DU-projects are now all completed. DU-products resulting from development project were:

  • Toolbox Personnel Assessment
  • MyCQ
  • DiViDU

They developed more projects, and products for expertise.

There is more useful info at http://www.du.nl/ but it is in dutch. http://www.ecompetence.info/uploads/media/ch11.pdf

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