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Duke University (Duke), based in Durham, North Carolina, is a traditional bricks-and-mortar university in the US. However, it has long been a pioneer and leader in the realm of US online learning, as evidenced by the success of a variety of its online programmes over the years. Duke has offered university-wide support for e-learning through its Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) since 1999.

As noted on the Duke web site in 2008:

The Duke Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) supports the academic mission of Duke University by helping instructors find innovative ways to use technology to achieve their teaching goals. Drawing on expertise in both technology and pedagogy, CIT staff assist instructors with projects, share information across the university about effective practices and examine the effect of technology on teaching and learning.

Established in 1838, Duke itself is a private research university organized into two undergraduate and eight graduate schools. Undergraduates come from all 50 US states and 106 countries. Of 13,000 students, roughly half are undergraduates and half are postgraduates. There are 2700 faculty members.

The CIT administers their course management system, in use by roughly 60% of all Duke courses. Degrees available largely or entirely online include the Master of Science in Nursing Programme (Duke School of Nursing); the MBA (Fuqua School of Business); an Environmental Leadership (DEL) Programme (Nicholas School of the Environment); and numerous others.

Duke prides itself on its diverse, international student body and global academic partnerships. For example, the Fuqua School of Business announced in September 2008 an unprecedented international expansion plan that will establish of five new overseas campuses, in Dubai, London, New Delhi, Shanghai, and St. Petersburg.

The Duke University web site is at http:// http://www.duke.edu


Duke University uses Blackboard.


A complete set of the CIT’s annual reports is available on the CIT's web site at http://cit.duke.edu/reports/annual_reports.html . These track significant e-learning deployment at Duke since 1999 (including early use of CourseInfo, predecessor to the Blackboard learning environment). The 1999-2000 annual report is of particular historical interest; see http://cit.duke.edu/pdf/reports/cit-annual_99_00.pdf

Read about Duke university’s early adoption of the iPod in education here: http://www.oclc.org/news/publications/newsletters/oclc/2004/265/downloads/duke.pdf

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