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This is a list of all the main people involved in supporting and evaluating the Benchmarking and Pathfinder programmes. It does not include staff from HEIs unless contracted by the HE Academy for specific purposes.

A partial list of people was until October 2007 included in the Glossary. For Pathfinder-specific terms see the Pathfinder Glossary. There are also other subsets of the Glossary for specific methodologies such as Pick&Mix and eMM.

  1. Adamson - see EDSuT and Critical Friends
  2. Bacsich - see also Pick&Mix, BELA and Critical Friends
  3. BELA
  4. Bjarnason - see also OBHE
  5. Cappelli
  6. Carter - see also BELA
  7. Chatterton - see also BELA, ELTI and Critical Friends
  8. Collis - see also Critical Friends
  9. Comer
  10. Comrie - see also Critical Friends
  11. Conole - see also Critical Friends
  12. EDSuT
  13. Fielden - see also OBHE
  14. Hill - see also BELA and MIT90s
  15. Kay - see also BELA and eMM
  16. Marshall - see also eMM
  17. Mayes - see also EDSuT and Critical Friends
  18. Morrison
  19. O'Hare
  20. OBHE
  21. Plenderleith - see EDSuT and Critical Friends
  22. Schofield - see also OBHE
  23. Wragg - see also OBHE and Critical Friends

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