Dr Alejandro Armellini

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Dr Alejandro Armellini
Forename Alejandro
Surname Armellini
Type Staff
Country United Kingdom
WPs 2
URL http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/education/people/ili-staff/ale
email ale.armellini@northampton.ac.uk

Alejandro Armellini was Senior Learning Designer at BDRA at the University of Leicester. From 2012 he is Professor of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, and Director of the Institute of Learning and Teaching, at the University of Northampton.

He is no longer involved with POERUP. However, he is Honorary Fellow and PhD supervisor at the Institute of Learning Innovation at the University of Leicester and his CV there is at http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/education/people/ili-staff/

Alejandro led many research and development projects at the University of Leicester, including being Project Director both for Leicester's first major OER project , OTTER (www.le.ac.uk/otter), from May 2009 to April 2010), and for the current follow-up project, OSTRICH (www.le.ac.uk/ostrich). In this capacity, and in his role as Senior Learning Designer, he was a leading voice in the OER policy and strategy work being undertaken by the University of Leicester. Because the OSTRICH project worked closely with the TIGER (www.northampton.ac.uk/tiger) and SPIDER (www.le.ac.uk/spider) projects, he also haf his finger on the pulse of developments in OER policy and strategy by Beyond Distance's partners at five other universities in England.

For his University of Northampton CV see http://www.northampton.ac.uk/directories/people/ale-armellini

Peer-reviewed journal articles include:

  • Nie, M., Armellini, A., Witthaus, G. & Barklamb, K. (2011) "How do e-book readers enhance learning opportunities for distance work-based learners?" ALT-J, Research in Learning Technology, 19(1), 19-38.
  • Hawkridge, D., Armellini, A., Nikoi, S., Rowlett, T. & Witthaus, G. (2010) "Curriculum, intellectual property rights and open educational resources in British universities-and beyond". Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 22(3), 162-176.
  • Nie, M., Armellini, A., Randall, R., Harrington, S. & Barklamb, K. (2010) "The role of podcasting in effective curriculum renewal". ALT-J, Research in Learning Technology 18(2), 105-118.
  • Armellini, A., & Aiyegbayo, O. (2010). "Learning design and assessment with e-tivities". British Journal of Educational Technology 41(6), 922-935.
  • Armellini, A., & Jones, S. (2008). Carpe Diem: Seizing each day to foster change in e-learning design. Reflecting Education, 4(1), 17-29. Available from (blocked)
  • Salmon, G., Jones, S., & Armellini, A. (2008). "Building institutional capability in e-learning design". ALT-J, Research in Learning Technology, 16(2), 95-109.

Forthcoming journal article:

  • Nikoi, S., Rowlett, T., Armellini, A. & Witthaus, G. (forthcoming) "CORRE: A framework for evaluating and transforming teaching materials into Open Educational Resources". Open Learning, accepted for publication on 9/11/2010.

Book chapters:

  • Armellini, A., Salmon, G., & Hawkridge, D. (2009). The Carpe Diem journey: Designing for learning transformation. In Mayes, Morrison, Mellar, Bullen and Oliver (eds), Transforming higher education through technology-enhanced learning (pp. 135-148). York: The Higher Education Academy. (blocked)
  • Forthcoming: Hawkridge, D., Armellini, A., Nie, M. & Witthaus, G. Digital audio for asynchronous interactive learning in curriculum design at an English university. In Jia (ed) (forthcoming) Educational stages and interactive learning: from kindergarten to workplace training. IGI Global. Outline accepted for publication on 12 December 2010.

He has a blog at http://alejandroarmellini.wordpress.com