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DiploFoundation is a non-profit organisation based in Malta, with offices in Geneva, Switzerland and Belgrade Serbia. DiploFoundation is a training organisation in the field of diplomacy and international relations and has strong commitment to innovation in online learning. Diplo plays an important role in a number of global networks, including the Global Knowledge Partnership, the International Forum on Diplomatic Training and the European Diplomatic Training Initiative.

Its web site is http://www.diplomacy.edu/

Activities of DiploFoundation

Activities revolve around, and feed into a focus on education, training and capacity building:

- Courses: offer of postgraduate level academic courses and training workshops on a variety of diplomacy-related topics for diplomats, civil servants, staff of international organisations and NGOs and students of international relations. Courses are delivered through online and blended learning.

- Capacity Building: offer of capacity building programmes for participants from developing countries in a number of topics including Internet Governance, Human Rights, Public Diplomacy and Advocacy, and Health Diplomacy.

- Research: investigation of topics related to diplomacy, international relations and online learning.

- Publications: publications range from examination of contemporary developments in diplomacy to new analyses of traditional aspects of diplomacy.

- Software Development: creation of a set of software applications custom designed for diplomats and others who work in international relations; development on online learning platforms.

History of DiploFoundation

Diplo emerged from a project to introduce information and communication technology (ICT) tools to the practice of diplomacy, initiated in 1993 at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies in Malta. In November 2002, Diplo was established as an independent non-profit foundation by the governments of Malta and Switzerland. The focus has expanded from the application of information technology to diplomacy, to include other new and traditional aspects of the teaching and practice of diplomacy and international relations. In June 2006, Diplo was granted Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).