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Didactalia.net is a K-12 global community and a storage place for teachers, students and parents to create, share and find OER. It has currently more than 50,000 items with semantic contexts. In Didactalia.net, users can create, share and discover content and promote educational spaces where they can use lessons with facet based searches and enriched contexts. The project also offers a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) that includes an online reputation management service and a space where learners take control, communicate and cope with their own learning upgraded with personalized contexts. The Semantic Technology, the use of Linked Open Data and the creation of an ecosystem of learning communities in the context of Social Learning form the core of Didactalia.net. In this sense, the community aims to build an educational graph that gives meaning to distributed education and fragmented work of many teachers. This knowledge is managed on learning patterns and sequences that make sense for the educational community. The network uses GNOSS, a software platform created by RIAM to build specialized online social networks with dynamic semantic publishing . GNOSS integrates knowledge management, informal learning and collaborative work in an environment of Linked Data.

For details see http://didactalia.net/comunidad/materialeducativo

The initiative is headquartered in Logrono, which is in Spain, in the region of La Rioja.
The initiative is led by RIAM I+L INTELEARNING LAB, S.L..
Latitude and longitude = 42° 27' 27" N, 2° 27' 40" W

ISCED levels = 4;5
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is didactalia

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Has cityLogrono +
Has coordinates42° 27' 27" N, 2° 27' 40" WLatitude: 42.457467
Longitude: -2.461111
Has countrySpain +
Has hashtagdidactalia +
Has regionLa Rioja +
Isced4 + and 5 +
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