D7.1 Evaluation Plan

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Type of outcome/product/results: Report (confidential)

Delivery date: January 2012

Nature: Report

Language versions: English

Target languages:

The Evaluation Plan will describe the methodology of formative evaluation from a participant-observer point of view, leveraging on the reflective practice (self-evaluation) from each partner. For reasons of efficiency it will use questionnaires (with some open questions as well as closed) rather than extensive interviews, and to leverage on the self-evaluation of project participants. The main evaluation questionnaires will be listed and described in general terms – they have to cover:

  1. project partner meetings (4)
  2. IAC meetings (3)
  3. key "endpoint" deliverables – including country reports (D2.2 – but not mini-reports), case studies (D3.1), and policy overview (D4.1).


The report is Confidential.