D6.4 3 workshops with National OER initiatives

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Type of outcome/product/results: Workshops (public)

Delivery date: January 2012 and January 2013 and March 2014

Nature: Event

Language versions: English

Target languages:

Since the pattern of partner meetings follows the HQs of the partners in the order

  1. UK (ULEIC)
  2. Italy (SCIENTER)
  3. Hungary (EDEN)
  4. Netherlands (RdMC-OUNL),

it is likely that the workshops with national OER initiatives will be co-located in space and time with partner meetings 1, 2 and 4 - ideally the day before the partner meeting (noting that not all partners will be at the National OER meeting). Ideally all the main national OER initiatives in a country would be invited to such a meeting.

Since OUNL is based in Heerlen, remote from most Dutch institutions, this is one reason why the Dutch partner meeting may instead be in Amsterdam (see WP1 narrative).

These meetings may lead to the setting up of a National OER Advisory Committee in each of the countries - but this will be dependent on national policy relevance, enthusiasm and a degree of non-project funding.

Amendment and related issues

The original workplan stipulated three national workshops on OER initiatives, in three of four partner countries: UK, Hungary, Italy and Netherlands.

Following the withdrawal of SCIENTER from the partnership, it was agreed to remove Italy from the list of study countries.

Also, with the lack of government interest in OER in Hungary, it was further decide to concentrate the national workshops in the UK and Netherlands.


For the report see File:POERUP D6.4 Workshops with national OER initiatives.pdf