D6.3 International Advisory Committee

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Type of outcome/product/results: Network of people (public)

Delivery date: February 2012 with constant updates if needed

Nature: Event; Other

Language versions: English

Target languages:

To set up an IAC, the first task was to create a long list of names; then create a short list of around 25 and invite these to an inaugural meeting. The IAC consists of notable experts plus leaders and policy analysts from organisations of relevance. A number (up to 12) of the "seats" on the IAC will be from "constituencies" including:

  1. Ministry of Education in each key partner country (UK/England, Netherlands, Italy and Hungary)
  2. UNESCO or nominee (e.g. relevant UNESCO Chairs)
  3. Key school associations, including but not only European Schoolnet
  4. Key EU-wide university associations, in particular EADTU and EuroPACE (EDEN is already a partner in POERUP)
  5. OECD
  6. ICDE

The other members are individual experts selected from the schools, higher education and "other education" sectors in roughly equal numbers. This will be done by a nominations/review process as in Re.ViCa and VISCED.

An overdue innovation is that there will also be a Technical Subcommittee of around 6 experts from the main wikis oriented to e-learning professionals.

For more details of meetings see D6.5_3_workshops_with_International_Advisory_Committee - the first main meeting is at OER13 in Nottingham in March 2013.


This is not a Report-type Deliverable, thus there is no report as output.

For information on the various IAC meetings, see Deliverable 6.4.