D2.4 Country OER Summary Report - Canada

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Type of outcome/product/results: Wiki (public)

Delivery date: October 2012 (but updated through the entire project)

Nature: Report Nature: Service/Product

Language versions: English, relevant parts in French

Target languages: All relevant languages

This is the wiki-based country report for Canada - covering both the federal level and the provinces. It is an additional report to go with the 10 country reports in Deliverable 2.2.

The country report will draw on the programmes inventory (D2.1) and examines also the National Policy Context relating to OER. It will use as a structural basis the material at http://www.virtualcampuses.eu/index.php/Canada but note that this material makes no reference to OER - that is the key information to be added.

The report will be informed by telephone/email interviews with key actors such as federal and provincial civil servants and relevant agency heads. The IAC will add value to this report by critiquing it and adding expert assessments.

See also D2.3


The Canada country report is available at Canada