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A Critical Friend is defined* as an experienced individual who works in an advisory capacity offering support and guidance to a project or working group.

Pathfinder Programme Phase 1

In the Pathfinder Programme Phase 1 there are seven Critical Friends for Pathfinder Phase 1 Sites, including Professor Terry Mayes, the original Critical Friend to the Benchmarking Programme and to the Pathfinder Pilot.

In more detail they are:

  1. Professor Paul Bacsich overseeing Group A - see also Pick&Mix and BELA
  2. Professor Peter Chatterton overseeing Group E- see also BELA and ELTI
  3. Professor Betty Collis overseeing Group F
  4. Andrew Comrie overseeing Group G
  5. Professor Gráinne Conole overseeing Group C
  6. Professor Terry Mayes overseeing Group D- see also EDSuT
  7. Cliff Wragg overseeing Group B - see also OBHE

Gwella Programme Group 1

In the Gwella Programme Group 1 the Critical Friends are:

  1. Professor Terry Mayes
  2. Veronica Adamson and Jane Plenderleith
  3. Professor Paul Bacsich

See the Group 1 page for the assignment to institutions. The Gwella Critical Friends also operate as a group via an expanded EDSuT.

Critical Friends will not be assigned to Group 2 institutions until they are nearer the end of the Benchmarking Phase.

Critical Friends for other programmes

JISC is now using the term also for similar roles in some of its programmes.

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