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The Coastline Community College (CCC) supports purely online and distance learning for residents of Orange County, California, US (population 2.8 million as of a 2000 census).

As noted on Wikipedia (access date: Aug. 25 2009):

Coastline... offers distance education, including telecourses and the use of Pocket PC and personal digital assistants. Coastline's Distance Learning department has created an open source course management system (CMS) called Seaport which is similar to the products of Blackboard and WebCT. Its Military Outreach program delivers courses to every branch of the U.S. Armed Services. Coastline is also the first college to ever offer a complete degree available through content designed for distribution via a Pocket PC or other mobile learning device (cell phone, iPod, etc.).

Students may work towards a general Associate in Arts degree - or take career and technical courses for occupational certificates. In addition to face-to-face options, students choose between study via Internet, Independent Study/CD-ROM, Cablecast and Telecourses. Eligibility for enrolment depends on course type selected.

The Coastline Community College's main office is in Fountain Valley, California. Per Wikipedia, instruction is offered in nine different cities within the college service area, at approximately 50 sites, including banks, senior centers, high schools, office buildings, and shopping malls.

The Coastline Community College distnace learning web site is at

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Education from CCC may combine online discussion forums, e-mail/phone, CD-ROM, and online assessment with television ("Cablecast"), FAX/modems, telephones, textbooks and printed materials.

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