Claudio Dondi

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Claudio Dondi
Forename Claudio
Surname Dondi
Type "Expert" is not in the list of possible values (Staff, Consultant, IAC, Helper) for this property.
Country Italy
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Claudio Dondi was the President of SCIENTER - a non-profit research organisation based in Bologna, established in 1988.

He was involved in POERUP during 2012 and the first half of 2013.

Claudio Dondi was born in Modena in 1958. He took a Degree in Political Science at the University of Bologna in 1982. After a six year experience as researcher and responsible for training policies at province level, in 1988 he created SCIENTER together with a group of education and training professionals.

His other positions include: Professor of Human Resource Development at the College of Europe in Bruges (1998-2003), vice-president (former president) of the Board of the MENON EEIG in Brussels, Member of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Educational Technology, and Vice-President of EDEN – European Distance Education Network.

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