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Chung Hua University (CHU) was founded in 1990 by a group of successful entrepreneurs in the Hsinchu Area. It was founded with the intention to popularize college education, elevate domestic industries, and to facilitate the local prosperity. Chung Hua University was formerly known as the Chung Hua Polytechnic Institute before it was upgraded to its current status in 1997. Under the strong support of the Board of Directors, the outstanding leadership of its presidents, and the joined efforts of all faculty members including the staff and students of the past two decades, CHU has developed into a well-known comprehensive university with quality education and respectable industry connections. At present with about 10,000 students, CHU has six colleges of which consists of Engineering, Management, Architecture & Planning, Humanities & Social Sciences, Computer Science & Informatics, and Tourism. By no means content with what it has achieved so far, Chung Hua University is prepared to stride forward and aim for a university that is known for its sustainability, innovative skills, and eminence in the Asian-Pacific region.

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The initiative is headquartered in Hsinchu, which is in Taiwan, in the region of Hsinchu.
The initiative is led by Chung Hua University.
Latitude and longitude = 24° 45' 38" N, 120° 57' 8" E

ISCED levels = 5; 6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is chuedutwoec

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Has cityHsinchu +
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Longitude: 120.952137
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