Charters Towers School of Distance Education

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The Charters Towers School of Distance Education is a Queensland state virtual school in Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia offering distance education for geographically isolated students through all Year levels (including those over 18 years old).

Charters Towers School of Distance Education was established in 1987 as Charters Towers School of the Air.

The total enrolment in 2010 was 276 students, including 137 girls and 139 boys.

The school offers a range of comprehensive programs from Preparatory year through to senior schooling in Year 12 and Vocational Education and Training (VET).

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The school uses traditional means of communication like email and telephone as well as audio-teleconferencing, video, and the Internet to cross the barriers of distance through for instance forums, blogs, wikis, and virtual learning environments (Blackboard), website repositories, and CD/DVD ROM.

Students can enrol free of charge if they meet state criteria for any of geographical isolation, medical conditions, exclusion, caring responsibilities, itinerant lifestyle or some other undefined circumstances.

Mini-schools and conferences are held in the middle and secondary years and are generally for a week at a time.

Class size is 10.5 in Prep school to Year 3 and 14.5 from Year 4 to Year 10.


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