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Ceuta is regarded for this wiki as part of the country of Spain.


Ceuta is an autonomous city of Spain located - as an exclave - on the North African side of the Strait of Gibraltar, on the Mediterranean, which separates it from the Spanish mainland. The area of Ceuta is approximately 28 km².

It has a population of around 75,000.

The other autonomous city is Melilla.

(There are also 17 autonomous communities of Spain.)

Ceuta is dominated by a hill called Monte Hacho, on which there is a fort used by the Spanish Army. Monte Hacho is one of the possible locations for the southern of the Pillars of Hercules of Greek legend, the other possibility being Jebel Musa.

The city, together with the other autonomous city of Melilla and a number of Mediterranean islands, is claimed by Morocco.

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