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The Centre national d'enseignement à distance (CNED), National Centre for Distance Education, is a French public institution under the oversight of the department of education dedicated to providing distance learning material. It was created in 1939 and provides on-line material since the mid-1990s. The 3000 programs it offers range from pre-primary education to university level.

It operates all across France and has around 350,000 students of which around 10% live outside France. Around one third of students are university-level students.

At school level, in addition to being the distance education provider for the Ministry of Education, the CNED also offers home packages for subjects that are not taught in school and support courses or summer courses. The Campus Electronique is an open platform of information and pedagogical services on the Internet. Its services include reception and information, assessment and guidance, telelearning, a resource centre, forums, access to networks; the services are accessible from anywhere and at any time through the Internet and via digital satellite.

The services of CNED are also used to ensure access to learning to pupils who for health reasons cannot attend normal school.

The CNED web site is http://www.cned.fr/institution/english/.

There is a Wikipedia entry on CNED but it is only a stub and needs expansion.

It is not yet clear what reports in English there are on CNED.

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