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This is the category for notable Virtual schools in the United States.

Check out Calvert Education virtual homeschooling [1] and watch our short clip [2]!

Since 1906, Calvert has educated more than 600,000 students from around the world with our time-tested curriculum. The Calvert program blends tradition, innovation, and technology to provide a rich subject-integrated experience designed to develop higher-order thinking skills.

We plan detailed, daily lessons in all major subjects, and our lessons are designed to appeal to all different learning styles. Calvert lessons are written using the best textbooks and workbooks available and our program is proven and assures you no gaps in instruction. In addition to our lessons, we support your home teaching with our comprehensive Placement Process, Calvert Education Counselors, and the Calvert Advisory Teaching Service.

Calvert Education Services’ homeschooling curriculum is accredited by both the Commission on Elementary Schools, which is a division of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation (CITA).

Through over 100 years of serving home schooling families, we have always valued the input we receive from our families. Many of the improvements in our program have come from parent suggestions. We welcome your comments by email, or by phone at (888) 328-8285.

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