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This is the category for countries (in the Re.ViCa sense) which are not recognized by at least two members of the United Nations. In some cases they are not recognized by any other country.

For more on this fascinating topic see the Wikipedia article

However, note that in contrast to that article, we do not include in our category countries such as Armenia or South Korea where only one other UN member does not recognize them.

We do not include any regimes in the sense of Government in exile (see as such regimes do not fit our definition of a country as being (among other things) in effective control of its borders.

Many partially recognized countries have a wide network of informal (non-diplomatic) relationships with other countries. In particular, lack of recognition is no barrier to achieving internet access for organisations, including universities, in the country, especially in these days of broadband satellite connections - though it is a barrier to achieving a relevant web designator (Top Level Domain). In several cases a friendly neighbouring country allows use of its Top Level Domain; in others the universal domain .org is a convenient signifier of university status with .com for commercial enterprises.

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