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Micronesia is a subregion of Oceania, comprising hundreds of small islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Politically, Micronesia is divided into eight nation-states and territories:

  1. Guam (Organized, unincorporated territory of the United States).
  2. Kiribati (Island country).
  3. Marshall Islands (Island country).
  4. Federated States of Micronesia, abbreviated as FSM (Island country).
  5. Nauru (Island country).
  6. Northern Mariana Islands (Commonwealth in political union with the United States).
  7. Palau (Island country).
  8. Wake Island (Unorganized, unincorporated territory of the United States) - but since it is uninhabited by a permanent population we do not include it in our concept of Micronesia.

For more details see Micronesia.

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