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The POERUP case studies work set out to understand the ways in which OER communities can develop and foster activity without sustained long-term government funding. Particular tools for Social Network Analysis were used extensively in most of these case studies. After considerable discussion, including with potential case study sites, eight case studies for OER communities were chosen across the various education sectors for analysis by POERUP partners, at varying degrees of depth. These were:

  1. the schools-focussed projects Digischool - case study - (Netherlands, linked with Wikiwijs)
  2. the schools-focussed Bookinprogress - case study (Italy)
  3. the HE-focussed OER u - case study, a global consortium
  4. the HE-focussed Futurelearn - case study (United Kingdom)
  5. the HE/VET-focussed BC Campus - case study (Canada)
  6. the VET-focussed ALISON - case study (Ireland)
  7. the VET-focussed Re:Source - case study (Scotland)
  8. the informal education project Introduction to Communication Science - case study, the first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in the Netherlands, an initiative of the University of Amsterdam via the College of Communication and the Graduate School of Communication Science

The analyses led to a series of recommendations for effective running of such projects in future.

For more details now see D3.1 Report on in-depth case studies

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