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The Cardington-Lincoln Local Digital Academy (Cardington Digital, CDLLDA) is an online public "community school" (charter school) which is part of the Cardington-Lincoln Local school district, located in the US state of Ohio. K-12 students must reside in the Cardington Lincoln Local (or an adjoining) school district in order to attend. Founded in 2004, it offers home-based students a physical tutoring lab to visit during regular school hours.

CLLDA served 73 students in 2008-2009; most were high school students.

Classes are completely online. A physical orientation is attended by all students, who are provided with computers at that time. Dial-up connections are provided for those who require an internet connection.

Cardington Digital strives to "take students at their current academic levels, build upon their foundation, and increase achievement at developmentally appropriate rates and levels".

Like many Ohio schools Cardington-Lincoln Local Digital Academy contracts with the Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association (TRECA), Treca Digital Academy, and Lincoln Interactive to provide the delivery of online curriculum and instruction.

The Cardington-Lincoln Local Digital Academy web site is at (Note that the site is often down for maintenance during non-school hours (US).

More Details

In 2008-09, it was found that students who routinely attended the tutoring lab "tended to be more successful and progressed appropriately in their online courses."


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